About Misan{trope}y

Misan[trope]y is a collection of film  reviews and overviews that focus on works that are publicly regarded as “bad” or “cult”. Posts at Misan[trope]y aim to spotlight the historical placement of the films, the previous and future works of the cast and crew involved in them, and the stories inherent to their productions, rather than strictly on criticism of the films’ quality. History is almost always written by the victors, and the realm of film is no exception. I think the losers often have stories to tell, too, and that goes beyond the accepted scope of traditional criticism.

Misan[trope]y is written by Gordon Maples, an amateur film critic and film history buff. Over the course of earning his BA in History from the University of Alabama, he focused on studying film, television, and entertainment media as cultural and historical sources, which included taking dedicated courses on influential works like Dr. Strangelove and The Twilight Zone. Gordon is also known for his work as a community organizer, activist, and scholar in the fields of education, interfaith, and secularism. He is currently working on his MEd in Higher Education Administration at Vanderbilt University.

About the name:

Misan[trope]y is pronounced like “misanthropy”. It is a portmanteau incorporating the word “trope” into the term, changing the meaning to be “a dislike of overused themes and devices”. One of the most frequent elements of “bad” movies is that they overuse the most familiar tropes, which is often pointed out by unhappy critics and audience members alike. Sometimes, films are written off too simply due to the influence of knee-jerk “misantropey,” and merit serious reassessment. Sometimes, they were rightfully written off in the first place. This movie blog is a place for this reassessment to take place, one “bad” movie at a time.


You can direct review requests, comments, complaints, etc to:


Post Index

The complete list of posts from the history of Misantropey.com, going back to 2012.

(Plot)opsy Podcast

A short-form podcast where I cover the trivia and narratives surrounding specific movies. (Plot)opsy is a portmanteau, of the terms “autopsy” and “plot”. The show is an investigative analysis “post-mortem” to understand the causes of a movie’s financial or critical failures, not unlike the purpose of an autopsy.

IMDb Bottom 100

In January 2014, I made a resolution to watch and review the entire IMDb Bottom 100 by the end of the year. I did mixed-medium text and video reviews on each movie as I cut my way through the list. You can find all of the reviews under the IMDb Bottom 100 tag on the top bar, and the full YouTube video playlist here. Since 2015, I have only occasionally gone back to cover new entries into the ranking. These reviews are generally shorter and less informative than my post-2014 reviews, and some of these movies have been covered twice because of this.

Water Foul

A collection of the worst aquatic-themed monster movies. There’s a lot of them.

Larry Cohen Collection

An ongoing collection of reviews covering the career of the unappreciated b-movie master, Larry Cohen.

Clerk’s Pick

Occasionally, I let my local video store clerks pick movies for me to watch, research, and review. Usually they are actually good movies. Usually.

(God)Awful Movies

A collection of reviews on bad religious movies.

Killer Robot Week

A week of reviews spotlighting some of the least memorable killer robots in b-movie history.

Stuart Gordon Spotlight

Reviews and background information on the complete filmography of b-movie icon Stuart Gordon.

Bargain (Bin)ge

These posts focus on specific stores and events where movies and soundtracks are sold or rented around the United States, as well as the movies that were acquired there.


2 thoughts on “About Misan{trope}y”

  1. Hey Gordon, sorry to reach out to you here: I couldn’t find another way to reach out to you.

    I went to your presentation yesterday at CoT and thought it was the best presentation of the weekend. I completely understand if you aren’t willing to do this, but I figured I’d ask: would you be willing to send me the PowerPoint presentation?

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