(Plot)opsy Podcast


27 –Waterworld

26 –Vampire’s Kiss

25 –Halloween III: Season of the Witch

24 –The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

23 –Green Lantern

22 –Lady In The Water

21 –Wild Wild West

20 –Speed 2: Cruise Control

19 –Zardoz

18 –RoboCop 3

17 –Hudson Hawk

16 –The Punisher (1989)

15 –Robot Jox

14 –Howard The Duck

13 –Masters of the Universe

12 –The Island of Dr. Moreau

11 –The Stuff

10 –It’s Alive

09 –Re-Animator

08 –Small Soldiers

07 –Springtime For Hitler (The Producers)

06 –Santa Claus

05 –Santa With Muscles

04 –Santa Claus Conquers The Martians

03 –Maximum Overdrive

02 –BlockBusted

01 –Guardians of the Galaxy

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Reviews/Trivia of B-Movies, Bad Movies, and Cult Movies.

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