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Published Scholarship

Maples, G. (2023). Student religious accommodation policies and non-Christian college student perceptions of institutional support: A mixed methods dissertation (Doctoral dissertation).

Maples, G. (2023). High impact, low mood: An analysis of doctoral student attitudes and perceptions through PHD memes. International Journal of Doctoral Studies, 18, 1-23. https://doi.org/10.28945/5075

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Maples, G. (2019). Stranger under siege: A higher education leadership case study of Kennesaw State University’s Sam Olens.  Iris Journal of Scholarship, 1(1).

Public Writing

Maples, G. (2022, April 26). “Wesley Crusher, Nog, and the college students of tomorrow.” StarTrek.com. https://www.startrek.com/news/wesley-crusher-nog-and-the-college-students-of-tomorrow

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Maples, G. (2018, Jan. 31). “The taboo of transparency.” Convergence On Campus. https://convergenceoncampus.org/2018/01/31/the-taboo-of-transparency-by-gordon-maples/

Unpublished Scholarship

Maples, G. & Willis, C. (unpublished). Muddled boundaries: A normative case study on religious accommodations in higher education. https://misantropey.files.wordpress.com/2022/04/normcase-muddled-boundaries-gm-cw.docx.pdf

Maples, G., Stacey, L., & Down, T. (pending publication). Signals of solidarity: Communication in collective action at Kennesaw State University. In A. Lamberti & A. Richards (Eds.), Towards Critical Academic Studies: Tracing the Effects of Conflict, Crisis, and Communication in Higher Education.

Maples, G. (pending publication). Mace, memes, and myopic management: The UC-Davis pepper spray scandal as a crisis communication case study. In A. Lamberti & A. Richards (Eds.), Towards Critical Academic Studies: Tracing the Effects of Conflict, Crisis, and Communication in Higher Education.

Maples, G. (pending publication). Magick circles in ivy: A phenomenological content analysis of Pagan college student organizations. Journal of College and Character.

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