Groundhog Day Marathon


I recently found out that the good folks over at Columbus, OH’s Gateway Film Center do an annual 24 hour marathon of “Groundhog Day” ahead of that most marmot-friendly of holidays. As an incentive to take on the challenge, they offer free movie tickets for a year to anyone daring enough to sit through 12 consecutive showings of the Bill Murray classic.


So, of course, I’m going to be giving it a shot. This Sunday, I’m going to be holed up in the Gateway Film Center for just over 24 hours with a bunch of other film nuts, and I’m going to make it all the way through this meta-Sisyphean experience. Laptops are unfortunately banned from the theater, or else I would definitely liveblog it. In any case, we will get 15 minutes between screening, so I’ll be sure to take notes on all of the little details in the movie that are sure to surface after repeated viewings, as well as on my general mental state following each viewing. Here’s to making it through to the other side!

Be sure to check back next week to see how the marathon went, and if I managed to prove my cinematic endurance.


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