Plotopsy Podcast #3 – Maximum Overdrive

Maximum Overdrive


Episode 3 of the (Plot)opsy Podcast spotlights one of my favorite good-bad movies, 1986’s “Maximum Overdrive”. Stephen King took up the role of director for the first and last time in this cult classic about killer machines possessed by aliens…or a comet…or something. It features some of the most ridiculous deaths in mainstream cinema history, and is a must-see flick for bad movie fans. As it turns out, there are some interesting narratives tied up behind the scenes of this one as well. Enjoy!

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AC/DC wrote a number of original songs for “Maximum Overdrive”, including the hit “Who Made Who”
Stephen King’s cameo at the beginning of “Maximum Overdrive”, in which an ATM calls him an asshole
An accident involving this radio-controlled lawnmower took the eye of the Director of Photography on “Maximum Overdrive”. A hefty lawsuit followed.
One of the most famous sequences in the movie features a murderous vending machine, which attacks a little league baseball team
“Maximum Overdrive” star Emilio Estevez alongside the Green Goblin truck, which serves as the primary villain of the movie.
DVD cover for “Trucks”, a 1997 movie made from the same source material as “Maximum Overdrive”

The trailer for Maximum Overdrive oozes with hubris on the part of Stephen King, who introduces the film in much the same way that Alfred Hitchcock once did. King does this while simultaneously putting down the many well-regarded adaptations of his works by other film-makers in the past. I’m sure this trailer is one of the more embarrassing entries in the history of Stephen King.


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