We Hate Movies on “Winter’s Tale”

When I wrote up my post on The Worst Movies of 2014 last week, I neglected to include a personal ranking in there. I saw a good number of bad movies in 2014, but for me, nothing stood out quite like “Winter’s Tale.” I mean, it got me to do a write-up on a current movie, which isn’t something I make a habit of.


This week, the We Hate Movies podcast put out an episode on “Winter’s Tale” as part of their Worst of 2014 retrospective, and it reminded me of just how much baffling, nonsensical fun it was to watch that movie. The WHM gang didn’t recommend the film, which is a point where I am definitely going to disagree with them. If you watch any bad movies from 2014, “Winter’s Tale” should be one you check out. If you need any more selling on it, check out the “How Did This Get Made?” and “Cinema Snob Midnight Screening” episodes on the movie, and look at how much fun they all have with this incomprehensible mess.


“Winter’s Tale” wasn’t the worst film of 2014 by any kind of honest metric, but it was almost certainly the strangest Hollywood film product to come out of the year. Personally, I think it was the best good-bad movie to come out of the year, because the entertainment value to the film is off the charts if you go into it knowing what to expect. And what you should expect, to be specific, is a magical flying horses, bad Irish accents, and some of the most nonsensical dialogue-babble you will ever hear. More people really need to see this movie.


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